Seaview Blasting

Abrasive Blasting

At Seaview Blasting we use either Grit or Garnet as an abrasive surface blasting medium depending on the job and the clients requirements.

We have undertaken abrasive surface blasting on various materials including, steel to provide an acceptable surface for which to apply painting or coating applications, wood to achieve a etched surface creating a Architectural feature finish, concrete, masonry, tiles to clean or etch the surface, Polycarbonate clear plastics to provide a frosted like finish.

Zinc Arc Spraying​

Seaview Blasting offer as an alternative to galvansing the process of Zinc Arc Spraying which offers a better protection and is only applied to the area where it is required.

This process provides a minimum heat distortion and can be applied to give an even film thickness as per the customer requirements. Various coating and paint applications can then be applied over the top to provide extra protection.


At Seaview Blasting we offer advice from a experienced paint applicator as well as a wide range of paint material and processes to meet a clients specific needs and requirements.

Intumescent Coatings​

Seaview Blasting offer Passive Fire Protection for steel sections by applying Intumescent specialized coating and painting systems and materials once the sections surfaces have been suitably prepared.


At Seaview Blasting our undersealing process consists of sand blasting then applying bitumen underseal to the underside of cars, caravans, camper vans and light trade vehicles.

Quality Assurance​

Seaview Blasting have a Quality Assurance program and provide QA reports where required. We also work with Independent inspectors.